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Kickin Camo Desert
Kickin Camo Desert
Kickin Camo Desert
Kickin Camo Desert

Kickin Camo Desert

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Kickin’ Camo Desert . Same 100% cotton fabric on top, bottom. Camo in brown, tan, black . Ties and shoulder strap in Wood. Topped with Chocolate Brown dimple dot blanket and pillow. Let’s go camping!

There's nothing like a Janiebee Nap Mat. Soft, safe, adorable and sure to be loved for years. Take it on trips, camping, grandmas and of course daycare!

Why Janiebee Nap Mats are the Best
•    Made in the USA
•    2 inches of thick, soft, SAFE chemical free batting
•    Multicolored Designer Quilter’s Cottons coordinated as a quilt
•    Double thick Minky tm pillowcase and blanket (48” long)
•    Velcro closure on pillowcase to keep pillow secure
•    Generously sized at 21” x 53” long
•    Machine washable/dryer safe. No dryer sheets. Do not machine dry pillow
•    100% Customer Satisfaction
•    Lead safe, bpa free phthalate free. In compliance with the guidelines provided by the Consumer Safety  Improvement Act and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission

Care Instructions:

Washing:  Wash the entire mat separately, in cold water *If you have an older machine or a top loading machine with agitator please use DELICATE CYCLE and REMOVE PROMPTLY.  This is very important in maintaining the correct shape of your mat. Immediately after washing, remove mat and remove pillow.  Allow pillow to AIR dry. 

Drying:  Dry the mat in dryer on LOWEST HEAT until dry. Depending on how old your dryer is, check first after 20 minutes and again every 10 minutes until dry.  REMOVE PROMPTLY when dry.  Roll up and store.

Do NOT allow mats to lie in washer/dryer after cycles are complete *** Do NOT use dryer sheets *** Do NOT dry the pillow